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NEW VIDEO: Meet Jonathan from Kentucky

Stop these cuts

Join Jonathan: Stop Pres. Trump’s proposed cuts to foreign aid

Jonathan and his wife, Michelle, live in Oneida, Kentucky. Their congressional district is one of the most impoverished in the nation — and yet, Jonathan is speaking up in favor of foreign aid. Watch the video to see why:

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Jonathan’ll be the first to tell you that Oneida has its own share of problems and poverty. As a town built around coal mining, there’s a lot of poverty. But he’ll also be the first to tell you that what makes that town special is the good-hearted people who know what it’s like to struggle and are still committed to helping their neighbors and others halfway around the world.

The president’s proposed cuts to foreign aid – nearly ⅓ – would be disastrous for those living in extreme poverty. Millions suffering from famine would be denied life-saving food aid. Girls wouldn’t be able to go to school. Kids wouldn’t be able to receive vaccines.

Congress can stop these cuts – but only if we speak out. Share the above video if you agree with Jonathan: It’s America’s job to do America’s part.


Join Jonathan: Stop Pres. Trump’s proposed cuts to foreign aid

Dear Congress, Please oppose President Trump’s proposed cuts - nearly ⅓ - to life-saving programs in the International Affairs Budget.

Stop these cuts

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